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What is Pre-wedding shoot

A common question asked by a lot of my clients is ‘what is a pre-wedding shoot?’

‘Pre-wedding shoot’ is often referred as an ‘engagement shoot’. It is a relaxed professional photo shoot of the couple at a chosen location, prior to your wedding day.

We soon discovered that the couples who had a pre-wedding shoot almost certainly ended up with better wedding photographs. That is why we provide this service as an optional extra with their wedding packages!

Another little secret is that, pre-wedding shoots are not all about the photographs! What we want to achieve is getting to know you both. What we mean is – You want to be relaxed and comfortable around your photographer and have confidence in their abilities. The pre-wedding shoot is the best way to do this; you can also tell us if you have anything that you worry about turning up in your photographs – Something like “I think my left side looks better than my right” etc. We will give you some amazing posing advice that will help you feel more confident before your wedding day.